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Supply chain solutions

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Avnet Silica has a team of supply chain specialists to work with you to provide logistics solutions tailored to your requirements. Maximise your supply chain and keep your products in the market longer, without disrupting production or supplies with Avnet’s comprehensive supply chain portfolio and global scale.

Avnet Supply Chain Solutions

Our services and solutions have been developed specifically to reduce costs, streamline materials management processes, and improve information flows between Avnet and its customers. Read about how our range of leading supply chain and B2B services can be tailored to you and help you drive efficiency and be more competitive – both now and in the future. 

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We're offering supply chain solutions like:​

  • Vendor Management Inventory
    Choosing Avnet’s VMI solution enables you to reduce the time and cost of inventory tracking and administration.
  • Forecast
    It is the forecast that drives how we all allocate our company’s resources.
  • Kanban
    Avnet’s Kanban solutions were developed to provide an alternative to traditional push-based replenishment techniques.
  • Value Added Services
    Our product modification services include bar coding, tape and reeling, programming and many other services.
  • Consignment
    Avnet’s consignment solutions help you meet your goals of swift and reliable replenishment with a delay in ownership until the actual point of consumption. 


Furthermore, we are providing B2B Solutions like:

  • Traditional EDI
    Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) has revolutionised the way trading partners send structured business data to each other. 
    With our AMICON service, our goal is to provide our partners with accurate supply chain data that can be uploaded into their own IT systems automatically.
  • Point-of-Use Replenishment System (POURS)
    Avnet’s innovative, web-based POURS system is a turnkey solution for customers who wish to use bar code scanning as a trigger for efficient replenishment. 
  • Pareto
    Avnet’s Pareto solution provides a seamless supply of lower cost components - it frees you up to focus on A items where there are fewer line items but with a higher value.     
    The TICIO data exchange platform helps smaller companies to put order information into the different data exchange formats required by different industries.     

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