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Power right from the genuine source

Power, it’s a requirement for every piece of equipment or product you develop. Sometimes you need AC/DC and/or on-board DC-DC power to drive industrial, communications, healthcare or lighting systems. Other times you need to maintain long term power in a portable or remote sensor as part of an Internet of Things (IoT) solution.

The important thing is you need to get your power right to get maximum performance. Avnet Silica’s experts will help you match technologies aligned with your requirements to deliver the right solution without exceeding your power budget.

We’ll show you the right power solution whether you’re designing power components onto your board or using an AC/DC supply in your system.

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Inductors and power magnetics are required to transfer electrical energy from one circuit to another through inductively coupled conductors. 
Power devices relate to the supply and/or management of power to electronic systems, including power supply solutions for electronic products, charging, energy flow control, protection and isolation, as well as battery storage management.

A wide selection gives you the power to choose

Build or buy? Custom design or off-the-shelf supply? These are some of the questions you’ll consider as you design power into your system. Avnet’s broad offering gives you the ability to weigh the options with our team and decide what works best for you.

Power devices relate to the supply and/or management of power to electronic systems

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Avnet Silica linecard: power

Having worked with renowned suppliers over many years, Avnet Silica is known to be an expert in the fields of MCUs and MPUs. Have a look at the linecard to see our complete offering of Power parts and devices.

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Power Featured Products (LC)

Featured products

Prod ON Semi SuperFET III MOSFET Family (RM)

ON Semiconductor | Fairchild


Better Efficiency, EMI and Ruggedness Make SuperFET III MOSFETs Ideal for High Performance Products with Demanding Robustness and Reliability Requirements​

Prod Renesas ISL32704E (RM)



The industry's smallest isolated RS-485 differential bus transceiver ISL32704E is designed to provide high speed 4Mbps bidirectional data transmission for IIoT networks.

Prod ST STripFET F7 (RM)



ST’s STripFET F7 series of low-voltage MOSFETs feature an enhanced trench-gate structure that lowers device on-state resistance while also reducing internal capacitances and gate charge for faster and more efficient switching.

Prod Torex XD9267 68 (RM)



World's smallest AEC-Q100 qualified, 36V synchronous buck DC/DC converter. Ultra-low IQ, extremely small-value coil and minimised external component count provide an ideal solution for automotive applications.

Torex XD 9267/68 product image

Prod Allegro ACS724/5(RM)

Allegro MicroSystems

ACS724 & ACS725

Automotive-grade, galvanically isolated current sensor IC with common-mode field rejection in a small-footprint SOIC8 package

Prod STMicroelectronics Motor Drivers (RM)


Motor Drivers

The line-up of STSPIN motor drivers embeds all the functions needed to drive motors efficiently and with the highest accuracy, and include an advanced motion profile generator to relieve the host microcontroller.

Prod Torex XDL601-02 (RM)



Torex XDL601/02 provides world's smallest AEC-Q100 qualified 1.5A DC/DC solution. The unique structure offers extremely low levels of radiated noise (EMI) and excellent thermal characteristics.

Prod MPS mEZ Plug and Play DC/DC Power Modules (RM)


mEZ Plug & Play DC/DC Power Modules

Being proven experts in innovative design of DC/DC power converters, MPS’s simple, easy DC/DC solutions power a broad range of applications with high efficiency, wide input voltage and cost effective form factors.

Prod STMicroelectronics 1200V Silicon-Carbide Diodes (RM)


1200V Silicon-Carbide Diodes

ST’s range of 1200 V silicon-carbide (SiC) JBS (Junction Barrier Schottky) diodes meets designers' needs for superior efficiency, low weight, small size, and improved thermal characteristics for performance-oriented applications.

Prod STMicroelectronics IPS160H IPS161H (RM)


IPS160H & IPS161H

With a supply voltage range up to 60 V, the IPS160H and IPS161H intelligent power switches (IPS) are specifically designed to match the application requirements of the Safety Integrity Level (SIL) systems.

STMicroelectronics IPS160H & IPS161H

Prod ON Semi FAN7688 (RM)

ON Semiconductor


The FAN7688 is an advanced Pulse Frequency Modulated (PFM) controller for LLC resonant converters with Synchronous Rectification (SR) that offers best in class efficiency for isolated DC/DC converters.

ON Semi FAN7688 product image

Prod Dialog DA9313 (RM)

Dialog Semiconductor


DA9313 integrates industry’s first inductor-less 10A Power Converter for best-in-class efficiency and offers master/slave operation for up to 20A output current.

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Power Simulation

Get familiar with the tools that can help evaluate design ides faster.

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Connect with the Avnet Silica experts who will guide you to reach further with your projects with on-going seminars, workshops, trade shows and online training.

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Avnet Silica offers a full range of lighting products to match your smart lighting requirements.

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