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Programmable logic

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Flexible and cuztomizable devices with programmable logic

Programmable Logic Devices (PLDs)  and Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) are customizable logic devices offering high-performance and flexibility in digital logic and System On Chip. Used across multiple industries, these devices enable you to re-configure the programmable system during development, later in production, as well as before and after the product shipment.

Your innovative system is versatile and feature rich. Avnet Silica will show you how to build it using state-of-the-art programmable technology. You’ll deliver breakthrough performance without exceeding your power or cost budgets. Our team has the technical expertise, design experience and fully integrated development tools and reference designs to create your precision application. When you partner with Avnet Silica we’ll take the complexity out of integrating programmable logic into your product and show you how to leverage Intellectual Property (IP) cores to take it to the next level.

Next generation performance today

Our factory trained and certified field applications engineers will show you how to customize the functional blocks so you can:

  • Include a large number of I/O for connecting peripherals.
  • Add large blocks of memory for handling a significant amount of data.
  • Combine processor cores and application specific IP for analysis and execution.

If your goal is to reach end markets such as Communications, Aerospace and Defense, Transportation or Industrial Automation, we offer programmable logic devices created specifically for those segments. Additionally you’ll appreciate how programmable devices concurrently manage algorithms and processing simultaneously in Embedded Vision, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Cloud Computing infrastructure applications.

Programmable Logic AVS Linecard (MM)

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Avnet Silica linecard: programmable logic

We partner with the world’s leaders in programmable logic and give you direct access to devices built on process technologies ranging from 14nm to 28nm. Have a look at our linecard to check our offering of programmable devices.

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Featured products

Programmable Logics FPGA Solutions Spot (RRCD)

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FPGA Solutions

An FPGA is an integrated circuit designed to be configured by a customer or a designer after manufacturing – hence "field-programmable".

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Prod Xilinx Artix-7 Eval Kit (RM)

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Arty FPGA Evaluation Kit

The Artix®-7 35T FPGA Evaluation Kit is perfect for embedded designers looking for a flexible, low-power platform.

Xilinx & Avnet

Smart Vision Development Kit

The Smart Vision Development Kit leverages the PicoZed System-On-Module (SOM) by providing a feature-rich, modular carrier card for machine vision applications.


Internet of Things

Avnet Silica has the perfect supplier offering to enable you to put your product development into the Internet of Things.



The automotive landscape is experiencing innovation like never before. Avnet Silica puts you in the driver’s seat by providing technical assistance every step of the way.

Prod Xilinx Power Reference Designs GBD (LM)

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Power Reference Designs

Leveraging our close working relationship with Xilinx, Avnet has worked with several analog partners to provide power supply designs which can be used as reliable starting points for your complete design.

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