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Wireless lets you reach further

Wireless communications are a game changer. Your products are no longer restricted to wires and cables to interact with each other. This opens up exciting opportunities in traditional and emerging end markets and geographic locations. You want to take advantage of this right away and Avnet Silica will guide you to the right solution that fit your requirements.

When you want a partner with deep experience designing successful wireless applications, you’ll want Avnet Silica. Our expertise, deep supplier relationships and supporting services will quickly help you achieve your objectives.

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A range of options for every frequency and distance

As we work together, the first thing to consider is the distance your data will be traveling and how much power you want to use getting it there. Then there are the various RF and wireless protocols and standards that must be followed to ensure both interoperability and future compatibility with the balance of the environment. 

We aim to provide solutions for all key wireless standards and the right building blocks for proprietary systems. Our product lines follow our chip, module, and integrated system strategy which allows us to support your projects regardless of volume. The Avnet Silica wireless design support team is able to offer guidance on many key areas such as choosing the right standard or wireless system, approvals, antenna placement, and even application layer support.

Our portfolio gives you the ability to develop a solution at the component or module level. Here’s are some of the categories offered by Avnet Silica:

  • Zigbee
  • Thread
  • Proprietary 2.4 GHz
  • Bluetooth
  • WIFI
  • Cellular
  • Location
  • Sigfox
  • Lora
  • Antennas
RF transciever development kit

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Avnet Silica linecard: wireless & connectivity solutions

Have a look at our linecard to get an overview of the Wireless & Connecticity solutions offered by Avnet Silica. 

Download Linecard
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NPI Wireless Connectivity Product Table

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Related products

Prod Dialog DA14586 (RM)

Dialog Semiconductor

SmartBond™ DA14586

This versatile SoC is ideal for adding Bluetooth low energy to products like remote controls, proximity tags, beacons, connected medical devices and smart home nodes.

Prod Intel Joule Module (RM)


Joule™ Module

Intel’s newest and highest-performing compute module and entire system on tiny module (SOM), pre-certified, concept to prototype to production much faster and at lower development expense.

Prod TD next RF Modules for IoT (RM)

TD next


The widest range of SIGFOX certified modules from simple AT command modems to compact state-of-the-art devices with integrated antennas.

Prod NXP LPC8N04 (RM)



NXP Semiconductors has announced the new LPC8N04 MCU. It’s the latest addition to the rapidly expanding LPC800 series of 32-bit ARM® Cortex®-M0+ based MCUs.

Product image of NXP's LPC8N04 MCU

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Related videos

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euicc video

Introducing eUICC


Avnet Silica, together with our partners Vodafone and Arkessa, introduces a new, reprogrammable SIM card to the market.

Video TSN Industrial Networking Demonstration

TSN Industrial Networking Demonstration


At our EW2018 booth, Avnet Silica demonstrated a multi-vendor TSN network for industrial communication. In order to show and analyse the TSN communication and timing, we partnered with TSN Systems and UMAN Networks. Robby Gurdan, TSN System’s MD gives an introduction into the analysis solution

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Training & Events

Learning for better, faster projects builds

Connect with the Avnet Silica experts who will guide you to reach further with your projects with on-going seminars, workshops, trade shows and online training.

Customer asking question at seminar.

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Internet of Things

Avnet Silica has the perfect supplier offering to enable you to put your product development into the Internet of Things.

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