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It is easy to test us

1. To order

Already ordered? Please go to Step 2.

2. Registration

  • Register your Trials eUICC/UICC by submitting the registration form below.
  • We will create test accounts at BICS and notify you.

3. Getting started

  • You will get notified by email when you need to create your password for the Connectivity Management platform
  • Once this is done, just connect and activate your eUICC/UICC and enjoy.



Please provide us with the information requested below and we will create your test accounts with BICS.








Example : ICCID# on your test card


Please when you register, indicate the ICCID# (highlighted in green)


Have a question? Contact us

For general questions:

For Connectivity Mgt Platform questions:

Local Avnet Silica offices:
Click here to find contact information for your local Avnet Silica team.