Remote SIM/eSIM/eUICC Provisioning Solution

Embedded Universal Integrated Circuit Card (eUICC) - a flexible cellular connectivity enabler

Avnet Silica and IDEMIA are introducing a plug-and-play solution for flexible cellular connectivity, dedicated to connected objects (IOT, IIOT). This solution is a combination of a product and services: on the one hand, IDEMIA’s eUICC (Embedded Universal Integrated Circuit Card), personalized with initial pre-paid cellular connectivity allowance from either Vodafone or Arkessa; on the other hand, the eUICC lifecycle service, to manage remotely the connectivity of the device, is operated by IDEMIA on behalf of Avnet. This bundle is a turnkey solution for the connectivity aspect of your connected object, but also enables cost savings in logistics, connectivity and production.

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Key features

  • eUICC and Remote SIM Provisioning (RSP) platform are GSMA 3.1-compliant (3.2 coming soon): fully interoperable and yielding a truly open 
  • Form factors: 2FF card (25x15 mm) or VQFN8/MMF2 chip (6x5 mm) 
  • Built-in connectivity bootstrap thanks to Vodafone or Arkessa
  • Same electrical interfaces as a classical modem


AVeUICC3100xxx product line

Part Number UICC/eUICC Bootstrap Size Carrier Network Area Product Brief
AVeUICC3100ARK 2FF and/or MFF2 700kB pre-paid* Arkessa Logo 2G/3G WW PDF
AVeUICC3100VOD 2FF and/or MFF2 100kB pre-paid* Vodafone Logo 2G/3G/4G EMEA-APAC** PDF

* More data possible on request
** WW Vodafone Bootstrap possible on request

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Test Pack


  • 4x eUICC in 2FF format preloaded each with a Vodafone and an Arkessa profile and 2x50MB of connectivity for Europe 28
  • 2x eUICC in MFF2 format preloaded each with a Vodafone and an Arkessa profile and 2x50MB of connectivity for Europe 28
  • Free test accounts with Arkessa and Vodafone
  • Free swap services by Avnet
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Applications / use cases

Chart with icons of use cases for eSim: Smart Utilities; Smart City; Smart Farming; Smart Healthcare; Smart Home; Smart Building; Transporation; Smart Industry; Smart Retail


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Introducting eUICC

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Information package

We prepared an information collection for you including:

  • Avnet eUICC brochure
  • AVeUICC3100ARK datasheet
  • AVeUICC3100ARK datasheet

Cover of Avnet Silica's eUICC Brochure: visualisation of a globe with lines deminstrating connecticity, frame in a green A



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