Avnet executive board

The Avnet Executive Board, chaired by CEO William Amelio, consists of C-level executives whose recommendations have major influence and impact on Mr. Amelio's decisions as chief executive.

William J. Amelio

William J. Amelio

Chief Executive Officer, Avnet, Inc.; Board of Directors Member Since 2014

Tom Liguori, Chief Financial Officer, Avnet, Inc.

Tom Liguori

Chief Financial Officer, Avnet, Inc.

Ken Arnold, Senior Vice President Global HR Avnet, Inc.

Ken Arnold

Chief People Officer, Avnet, Inc.

Avnet's Mike McCoy

Michael McCoy

General Counsel and Chief Legal Officer, Avnet, Inc.

Pete Bartolotta

Pete Bartolotta

President, Business Transformation, Avnet, Inc.

MaryAnn Miller

MaryAnn Miller

Chief Administrative Officer, Avnet, Inc.

photo of Avnet executive, Phil Gallagher

Phil Gallagher

Global President, Electronic Components, Avnet, Inc.