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Artificial Intelligence at the Edge

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Artificial intelligence at the edge revolutionizes industries


Powerful hardware helps realize benefits of real-time decision making

While the cloud has quickly become indispensable technology, challenges around latency, cost and complexity clear the way for something else to drive connected technology innovation: edge computing.

Emerging advancements in the hardware and modules fuel the possibilities for artificial intelligence (AI) at the edge. Edge devices and gateways-to-edge devices are now more powerful and enable the local collection, storage and analysis of data without waiting for value to be derived from the cloud and then passed back to the device. That’s critical in everything from an autonomous driving car that needs to stop on a dime, to a factory floor where an instant of downtime can mean hours or days of production delay.

Avnet and its technology partners provide not only the innovative hardware to handle evolving edge computing needs, but also the product development ecosystem — including design expertise, component selection, supply chain, logistics and more — to keep ahead of the competition. That’s more important than ever in industries like industrial and transportation, where edge AI is truly changing the game.




Artificial Intelligence (AI) and IoT are giving rise to the Smart Factory. It's estimated by 2035 that AI will boost labor productivity nearly 40%. Learn how AI at the Edge can boost productivity and cut costs.

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The autonomous vehicle market will reach $600 billion by 2026. Connected vehicles need to make split second decisions outside of the cloud. Learn how AI at the Edge addresses this and other challenges.

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