The software side of Avnet

Every IoT deployment is a unique mix of hardware and software. Luckily, now so are we.

Before, organizations had to stitch together capabilities from up to 10 different vendors to get their IoT solution to market. Without a strong end-to-end partner, they were left to fill in gaps along the way—with little time or resources to build skills in-house.

By acquiring Softweb Solutions, we added new IoT software and expertise to our capabilities. Because we’ve built a comprehensive, custom product development ecosystem, we can help your organization deliver comprehensive, custom digital transformation while speeding your time to market, reducing cost and overcoming the technical complexity inherent in IoT implementations.

Solving the challenges of IoT implementation

While the majority of businesses are exploring IoT solutions with specialists, what happens when your software vendor and hardware vendor can’t agree on the source of the problem? Your IoT implementation can’t be out to lunch just because your external partners are. The enhanced situational awareness that an end-to-end partner provides means you’ll not only have support in hardware and software, but also advisory, design/build, cloud/digital and lifecycle services that help you vet, understand, articulate and execute IoT in your business. 

Digital solutions for digital transformation

You can’t afford to spend the time building everything your IoT implementation needs from scratch. That’s why our IoT experts start the process with vetted digital foundations.

On top of IoTConnect, our cloud platform to facilitate device communication and management, data storage and app creation, Avnet's offers 14 scalable software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications. These apps are each already 60% complete and applicable to a variety of verticals from industrial, healthcare, retail and more. Then, our IoT hardware and software experts help you customize and complete the solution to fit your specific needs.


Industrial AI strategy in 2019

The potential of industrial artificial intelligence is yet unknown by companies. In this webinar, our subject matter experts will discuss the challenges faced by organizations while adopting industrial AI.

Robotic arms with artificial intelligence in an industrial facility


IoT Connect

Most businesses generate a large amount of data, but that data must be funneled back into the organization to be truly valuable. Through IoTConnect, you can boost efficiency, better manage assets and adopt innovation faster.

Three colleagues gathered around a computer monitor and analyzing data

Case Study

Smart Asset Monitoring

Automated remote asset monitoring is gaining widespread adoption in all industries. With a proper asset monitoring solution in place, businesses can get deeper information—all accessible from a single point.

Person monitoring industrial machinery with smart phone


AI at the edge

Artificial Intelligence (AI) now has practical applications that are changing the way businesses get things done.

A human hand and a robotic hand with a ball of light in between them