Interconnect, passive and electromechanical (IP&E)

IP&E products are more important than ever in system-level designs. Speedy and reliable data, content and power transfer rely on your ability to select the right, high quality products. Yet unlike chip technology, which is often single source, there are typically multiple providers of IP&E technology. Each piece often has unique specifications for various requirements and it can be time consuming and difficult to sift through all of the information to find the right, most reliable technology for your design.

Our roots in IP&E solutions run deep and wide, making Avnet one of the top global IP&E distributors in the world. We ship 100 billion products annually with 14 million lines. We’ve maintained solid relationships with top global and regional IP&E suppliers for many years, and hold $700+ million in global IP&E product inventory. We work with 2+ million customers globally, run the biggest online community for engineers and have strong relationships with top technology suppliers, so we know what IP&E products are in demand. We can also align your purchasing, design and supply chain efforts so your product is ready to scale when you are.

Interconnect products

  • We offer a complete line of products to connect every layer, across all markets
  • System-level, component and System-on-Module (SoM) support
  • Design services that strengthen performance in the toughest conditions
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Electronic component being held over circuitboard

Passive products

  • Leverage Avnet's robust inventory and wide variety of components from leading suppliers
  • Available design services deliver reliable performance at the lowest cost
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Computer motherboard with emphasis on connectors and capacitors

Electromechanical products

  • Solutions for sensitive electronics in every application
  • Full support for industrial applications
  • Design services help you keep the power flowing and the heat down
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Power and battery products

  • Expertise in everything from serial configuration to regulation
  • System-level approach to battery solutions
  • Experience in IoT and wearable devices

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Avnet simplifies IP&E from start to finish

  • Holistic design - We'll help you design your product properly from the start, IP&E included
  • The missing link - Align purchasing, design and supply chain so your product is ready to scale
  • Expansive access - More than $700 million in global inventory from top suppliers, with volume quoting tools
  • Knowledgeable resources - Our experts know what products are in demand and what technologies and standards are emerging

When you partner with Avnet, you get access to a complete solution, not just components. Contact your local Avnet expert today to learn more, or complete this form and we’ll connect with you.

Product and solution design

Design: The art and science of turning an idea into reality

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Value-add and integration

Support for building innovation based upon your vision

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Supply-chain services

Supply-chain services: Linking value throughout your solution

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Delivering your vision takes world-class logistics

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