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When it comes to the latest market solutions, the world of passive components has gone hyperactive. With miniaturized packages leading to new possibilities in wearable devices and improved power performance bringing more effective appliances in the Internet of Things (IoT) appliances that operate in remote areas for extended time without maintenance. We’re also here to guide you through designing passive components into your industrial, healthcare and communications designs. These are just a few examples of markets we support with passive components.

By working with Avnet, you get direct access to the latest breakthroughs in passive components. But that’s not all. When we collaborate with you on a design, we don’t just give you part of the story—we give you a complete solution. 

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The breadth and depth of passive components

As the primary partner for the majority of the world’s leading producers of passive electronic components, Avnet is the authorized source you can count on. Our partners value our ability to spot market trends faster than they can. Working closely with our suppliers, we use this intelligence to maintain our robust, global inventory.

The commodities we support under passive components ensure you have everything you need:

Passive components

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Dedicated passives experts who see the big picture

The decisions you make about passive components have a direct impact on both your design and your overall supply chain. We take this into consideration when making product recommendations and investment decisions on the products we stock. Working together, we’ll show you how to not only deliver incredible product performance, but also how to minimize your costs to make it happen.

We’ll look at your entire design and approved parts list and show you ways to aggregate your spend without limiting your creativity. We’ll then use our purchasing power and deep factory pipelines to lower your total costs and improve your cash flow through our acclaimed supply-chain solutions. Helping you increase value at a lower overall total cost is at the core of how Avnet strives to serve you.

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Supporting your whole design gets you to market faster

Working together from the start, we make sure there aren’t any blind spots across your entire board design. Our field applications engineers will use their experience and training to match passive components with the active devices enabling your application. Plus, we’ll be able to show you validated block diagrams to provide a complete picture, right from the start.

With our reference designs and application notes, the layout and prototyping phase has never been faster. We even have the Bill of Material (BOM) details for many of the development kits we’ve created with orderable part numbers ready so you can copy and paste them right into your drawings and other control documents.

When it’s time to release your product into the market, our broad, on-hand passives inventory helps get the process off the ground quickly. As your demand increases, Avnet will have the right mix of products available to keep your production lines flowing.

Our supply-chain services and deep supplier relationships allow for plenty of advanced warning if a change happens with one of your passive components. We do more than inform you about a product change notification (PCN) or end of life (EOL) notice—we come up with viable options to minimize any potential impact or risk.

When you partner with Avnet for your passive components requirements, you get a whole lot more than just parts. To get access to a complete solution, contact your local Avnet expert today to learn more, or complete this form and we’ll connect with you.


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