Avnet API request

Access Avnet’s entire product database with just a click!

What is an API?

An Application Program Interface (API) acts as the messenger that takes requests and tells the system what you want, then returns the response back to you. Specifically, Avnet’s API is a ready to use solution that provides product information to Avnet digital customers. The data is provided by connecting the customer to Avnet’s digital database via their own internal interface.

APIs can be likened to the experience of restaurant waiters delivering a customer's food request to the kitchen and then returning the food order to the customer (see restaurant experience graphic).

Avnet API information flow:

  1. Avnet user sends in credentials, is authorized, then selects the parts on which they would like information.
  2. Avnet's API sends request to database based on what the Avnet user specified.
  3. Avnet's system compiles information in real time as requested by user.
  4. Avnet's API delivers response securely as request to user through their own database.
  5. Avnet user now has a custom data report.
icons representing restaurant functions

What information does Avnet provide via the API offering?

Popular output parameters include: your award/contract/discount pricing*, stock, lead-times, descriptions, images, EOL statuses, obsolete flags, top seller flags, package types, ECCN, RoHS compliance, technical attributes, and more! Please click for a full list of Avnet API parameters.

How do I get set up?

Click on the button below to complete the required set-up questionnaire.

Have an internal interface?

If you have your own internal interface (in-house tool), ensure you check off the “3rd party / internal interface / grown” option and fill out the 4th question accordingly in the questionnaire. This will allow you to request your credentials which will then link into your own internal interface. For faster processing, please work with your Avnet sales representative to fill it out. If you are new to Avnet and don’t have a sales representative yet, please fill out as much as you can and we will ensure you are set up appropriately.

No existing internal interface?

If you DO NOT have your own internal interface and wish to access Avnet’s database via an on-demand, downloadable Excel file, ensure you check off the “Excel on-demand, online downloadable file” option. This will allow you to request your credentials which will then allow you to click a download button which will be available in your MyAvnet area upon login. Please fill out as much as you can and we will ensure you are set up appropriately.



Interested in having your own internal interface?

Learn more about Avnet’s partnership with CalcuQuote that allows users to not only retrieve information, but to manipulate data to capture customer RFQ requirements, scrub BOMs, apply margins, create quotes, and much more!

For any other questions please reach out to AvnetAPI@avnet.com.