Don’t get caught in proof of concept purgatory

Don't get caught in proof of concept purgatory. Find an end-to-end partner to help.

Businesses are spending $745 billion worldwide on Internet of Things (IoT) hardware and software in 2019 alone. Yet 3 out of every 4 IoT implementations are failing. Why?

One big reason: Leaders are failing to go all in.

To make IoT successful you need to transform not just some hardware and software but the way your business works. These dynamic deployments require an entirely new approach, far beyond the traditional push to get new business applications off the page and into production.

If the right steps aren’t taken in the beginning, say you don’t think far enough beyond the IT infrastructure, you end up in limbo: caught between the dream of what IoT could do for your business and the reality of today’s ROI. That spot is called proof of concept (PoC) purgatory.

From pushback from new stakeholders all the way up to getting the C-suite aligned, I write about the 5 signs of PoC purgatory—and how to escape it—for IoT Agenda.

Lou Lutostanski, vice president, Internet of Things (IoT), enables entrepreneurs, startups, leading technology OEMs and other IoT innovators to bring IoT solutions to market. Lutostanski has 30 years of industry experience as a field application engineer, sales manager, branch manager, and sales executive. With an education in electrical engineering and business, he’s uniquely positioned to understand the challenges businesses face with emerging technologies—and how to help guide today’s ideas into tomorrow’s technology.


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