The future of connected healthcare technology

What will the health and wellness technology of tomorrow look like? The Science Channel turned to Avnet to explore some answers.

In a full episode on the television show Tomorrow’s World Today, Avnet’s experts show how emerging technologies like IoT and AI are completely transforming healthcare and wellness. The IoT is bringing us smarter devices that produce more data leading to keener insights—and all of this provides us with the capability to take better actions to improve our health. Yet, the biggest barrier to getting to market is often overcoming the incredible challenges that come with developing products at scale.

In our episode, we explore three innovations that we’ve recently helped our customers bring to life. We look at Owlet’s smart sock for newborns, which monitors vitals from heart rate to blood oxygen levels, bringing parents some valuable peace of mind. We examine Vital’s portable device that’s capable of capturing a patient’s temperature, pulse, blood pressure and Sp02 levels, all on the go. And we demonstrate an ultrasound device from Clarius that’s so compact it can be used remotely, where cart-based systems cannot.

Be sure to tune in to the Science Channel on May 26 at 8:30 a.m. EST to see how we’re helping our customers reach further to bring about a new generation of healthcare technology. And stay tuned over the coming weeks as the series begins to stream on Amazon Prime.