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We understand the pressures you face. That’s why our approach starts by listening to your needs so we can customize options for your requirements.

Here are a few ways Avnet works for you:

  • Our technical teams bring practical experience to your engineers so precision equipment performs well in harsh environments.
  • Our dedicated aerospace and defense product managers work with your purchasing staff to protect your supply chain’s integrity.
  • Our supply chain specialists collaborate with your operations executives to craft innovative, efficient and cost-effective solutions.

The demands on you are intense. Count on Avnet as your trusted partner.

Our people cut through the red tape

We know you value a partner whose passion for the aerospace and defense market matches yours. You need people who know the ins and outs of the business, have strong relationships with the industry’s leading suppliers and the track record to match.

Avnet’s team is the answer. Our dedicated product and technical experts bring decades of experience to their work. Our expertise includes:

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  • Long-standing relationships with all leading aerospace and defense technology providers
  • Insight into emerging innovators creating next-generation technologies
  • Effective ways to address end-of-life and obsolescence-related supply chain challenges
  • Practical design experience across our entire commodity portfolio and performance grades
  • Firsthand knowledge of the business processes distinct to aerospace and defense, including:
    • Managing source control drawings
    • Facilitating Federal Acquisition Regulation and Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement flow-down clauses
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New Space/Space 2.0: We’re in the business of space

New companies are entering the space market with plans for low Earth orbit constellations offering worldwide internet, Earth observations or private networks.

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Review our defense and aerospace linecard and capabilities

Whether ground based, sea based, avionic or space, Avnet supplies parts for applications requiring high reliability and the ability to withstand high radiation.

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New products

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Microchip Libero® SoC Design Suite

Libero SoC Design Suite v12.4 is available with a number of major updates. First, we’re introducing a new radiation-tolerant PolarFire RTPF500T-CG1509-MIL FPGA device. This release is also delivering production timing and power data for PolarFire 100T/200T/300T FPGA military devices for 1.0V STD and -1 speed grade and preliminary timing and power data for PolarFire100T/200T/300T FPGA military devices for 1.05V STD and -1 speed grade.
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Xilinx XQRKU060 - RT Kintex® UltraScale™ FPGA

XQR Kintex® UltraScale™ FPGAs are high-performance monolithic FPGAs with a focus on performance. High DSP and block RAM-to-logic ratios and next-generation transceivers combined with space-grade packaging to handle vibration and handling requirements for launch and operation enable a new generation of high-density FPGAs for on-orbit reconfiguration targeted for applications like on-board processing, digital payloads, remote sensing, and many more.

NXP i.QorIQ® LS1028A

The Layerscape LS1028A industrial applications processor includes a TSN-enabled Ethernet switch and Ethernet controllers to support converged IT and OT networks. Two powerful 64-bit Arm®v8 cores support real-time processing for industrial control, as well as virtual machines for edge computing in the IoT. The integrated GPU and LCD controller enable Human Machine Interface (HMI) systems with next-generation interfaces. 

Cutting-edge defense and aerospace technology

Avnet offers end-to-end support to ensure your design meets today's requirements without compromising tomorrow’s reliability.

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Defense and aerospace linecard

Avnet’s portfolio contains many of the world’s leading defense and aerospace suppliers. View the list of innovative manufacturers we partner with.

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Avnet's defense and aerospace experts can help you find the best technology to meet your project needs.

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New Product

Avnet Wideband mmWave Radio Development Kit for RFSoC Gen-3

The Avnet Wideband mmWave Radio Development Kit for RFSoC Gen-3 is ideal for prototyping RF applications in mmW bands including 5G NR FR2, wireless backhaul, and K/Ka band radar and SATCOM. Explore mmW RF to digital using RFSoC Explorer ® for MATLAB

Avnet Wideband mmWave Radio Development Kit for RFSoC Gen-3

New product

96Boards ON Semiconductor dual camera mezzanine imaging board

Kit is ideal for simplifying IoT, AI and computer imaging applications. Unit features two Polight IAS-compatible imaging modules that interface to an AP1302 coprocessor and can easily prototype with the Ultra96-V2 platform via the 96Boards standard.

96Boards ON Semiconductor Dual Camera Mezzanine

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Related products


e2v EV12AD550

EV12AD550A is the first ever dual channel, S-band capable, space grade ADC designed to offer system simplification and cost reduction in space applications.



SAMV71Q21RT ARM Microcontroller

The SAMV71Q21RT is a radiation tolerant microcontroller (MCU) providing the best combination of connectivity interfaces along with highest processing levels. The SAMV71Q21RT is designed for enhanced radiation performances, extreme temperature and high reliability in aerospace application.



Renesas Intersil ISL71610M and ISL71710M Digital Isolators

Intersil-Renesas' digital isolators aid in the design of discrete isolated power supply designs as well as isolated serial communications interfaces. There is a tremendous need for reliable isolator products in the satellite market.


GSI Technology

Rad-Hard & Rad-Tolerant SRAMs

GSI Technology is excited to introduce several new high performance Radiation-Hardened synchronous SRAMs, SigmaQuad-II+ and SyncBurst & NBT families of products.