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Over the past few years, a revolution has occurred in the space market. New companies are entering this market with plans for low earth orbit constellations offering world wide internet, earth observation or private networks. They want the benefits of lower cost Commercial Off The Shelf  (COTs) components combined with a degree of radiation tolerance. Avnet Silica is working with their semiconductor partners to support this dynamic new market area. These suppliers are using their vast knowledge and long experience of supporting traditional radiation-hardened components to come up with innovative, lower cost, reliable radiation tolerant components.

We offer components from our supplier partners: Xilinx, Renesas, Microchip and GSI. 


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e2v EV12AD550

EV12AD550A is the first ever dual channel, S-band capable, space grade ADC designed to offer system simplification and cost reduction in space applications.



SAMV71Q21RT ARM Microcontroller

The SAMV71Q21RT is a radiation tolerant microcontroller (MCU) providing the best combination of connectivity interfaces along with highest processing levels. The SAMV71Q21RT is designed for enhanced radiation performances, extreme temperature and high reliability in aerospace application.



Renesas Intersil ISL71610M and ISL71710M Digital Isolators

Intersil-Renesas' digital isolators aid in the design of discrete isolated power supply designs as well as isolated serial communications interfaces. There is a tremendous need for reliable isolator products in the satellite market.


GSI Technology

Rad-Hard & Rad-Tolerant SRAMs

GSI Technology is excited to introduce several new high performance Radiation-Hardened synchronous SRAMs, SigmaQuad-II+ and SyncBurst & NBT families of products.