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'Security’, ‘Surveillance’; you hear these words every day. Too often it’s either the consequence of a lack of security or questions on how to monitor when there’s nothing you can see. At Avnet, security touches everything we do.

  • If you build equipment for the security market, we have the technologies and tools to put you on the leading edge.
  • If you need to integrate security into your equipment to meet regulatory requirements or to assure your customers, our team has practical and proven experience to deliver an unbreakable solution.
  • If building your product in a secure environment is essential for thwarting breaches when the equipment is in the field, Avnet’s certified centers and processes will exceed your expectations.

You need a partner that does more than talk about security, you need Avnet where the security of your application is our highest priority.

The building blocks for creating security and surveillance solutions

The pace of innovation around security is exciting. The Internet of Things (IoT) has had an incredible impact on security applications in terms of complexity and creating opportunity. Avnet understands this and takes each of the technologies that fit into security and surveillance and seamlessly puts them together for you.

Advancements in CMOS imaging and infrared sensors mean IP cameras can deliver sharper images in poor lighting conditions. Avnet builds on this by tying in advanced processors able to perform heavy computation on fast data feeds. We then work with companies who develop intellectual property (IP) for state-of-the-art analytics to quickly deliver actionable intelligence.

You’ll be able to reach the market quickly by using our reference designs as a starting point or foundation for your application. For example, we’ve developed a 360⁰ panoramic view security camera solution and an object recognition solution that works with Avnet’s Embedded Vision kits.

Security and surveillance solutions

This solution approach sets us apart from everyone in the industry. We’ve been taking this approach for years. Avnet is widely recognized for developing integrated, security solutions ahead of the curve to keep you and your customers ahead of the bad guys. We follow the same discipline for all applications from detecting motion to watching a perimeter to keeping data from being tampered with or vulnerable to unauthorized access.

A secure environment to build your solution

Outsourcing any aspect of your production process can open the door to security issues. Avnet has the answer so you can rest easy. We own all of our primary distribution, value-add and integration centers and hold ISO certifications to ensure a secure, consistent experience.

We offer secure virtual private networks (VPN) in our integration centers so you can inject keys or protect your IP during the software imaging process. Our device programming centers offer secure key generation services. We also have hard drive erasure services that follow stringent government and industry standards. For example, Avnet uses a three-pass data wipe process to ensure no software or data can be accessed once a piece of hardware is no longer in service. We invite you to take a moment and review our certifications and security practices.

Having to deal with a security issue after the fact is never good. At Avnet, we’ve anticipated the potential risks and put services and processes in place to protect you. We stay on top of the latest trends and develop new security innovations to address potential issues before they materialize.

Our security experts remain alert to keep your products safe

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Security covers a broad range of topics and Avnet has experts for each category. Our team features:

  • Engineers with a deep understanding of each of the latest encryption standards
  • Designers with years of experience creating security applications such as IP cameras for surveillance
  • Market experts who actively participate in standards boards and committees

You benefit from their collaboration and insight to eliminate security blind spots anywhere in your product or overall solution.

We also work with third party security experts to create and implement additional Intellectual Property (IP) into a wide range of applications.

security technology components

We take the time to listen to your concerns around security threats, provide options based on proven implementations and help your team incorporate the right security measures. We also work closely with our integration and programming centers so nothing is left to chance.

At Avnet, the security of your product or helping you build state-of-the-art security appliances is a priority throughout the organization. How can we help you? Contact your local Avnet experts or take a moment to complete this form to get the ball rolling.


Verify Xilinx RFSoC Gen-3 System Performance in mmWave Applications

Avnet and MathWorks engineers will demonstrate how to capture, measure and characterize RF performance in millimeter-wave bands using MATLAB and Simulink and the Avnet mmWave Radio Development Kit with Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC Gen-3.

Screenshot of Avnet's RFSoC Explorer for MATLAB and Simulink

New Product

Monarch LTE-M Development Kit - cellular IoT enablement platform

An ideal entry point for starting your next LTE IoT application development. This kit features the NXP LPC55S69-EVK and the Monarch Go modem - certified for use on the Verizon network that should help reduce your time to market.

Monarch LTE-M Development Kit

New Product

Avnet Wideband mmWave Radio Development Kit for RFSoC Gen-3

The Avnet Wideband mmWave Radio Development Kit for RFSoC Gen-3 is ideal for prototyping RF applications in mmW bands including 5G NR FR2, wireless backhaul, and K/Ka band radar and SATCOM. Explore mmW RF to digital using RFSoC Explorer ® for MATLAB

Avnet Wideband mmWave Radio Development Kit for RFSoC Gen-3

New product

96Boards ON Semiconductor dual camera mezzanine imaging board

Kit is ideal for simplifying IoT, AI and computer imaging applications. Unit features two Polight IAS-compatible imaging modules that interface to an AP1302 coprocessor and can easily prototype with the Ultra96-V2 platform via the 96Boards standard.

96Boards ON Semiconductor Dual Camera Mezzanine

New Product

The MaaXBoard Mini computer — for embedded, smart edge & IoT apps

A low-cost, production-ready NXP i.MX 8M Mini processor-based SBC featuring Arm® Cortex® cores providing audio, voice and video processing for applications from consumer home audio to industrial building automation. FCC, CE and RoHS certified.

MaaxBoard Mini TNN5339