Electronic Components Engineering Support

Your personal guide to the perfect design

You’ve got the vision and you know your market will love it, now it’s time to turn your idea into a product. Trying to determine the right way to go about of designing each function into your overall product can be daunting without the right help. Fortunately Avnet’s Field Application Engineering (FAE) team has the know-how and experience to guide you through every step.

Our team brings years of practical experience designing components into market specific applications. They come from an OEM background so they understand your environment and how to work with your team. Each FAE is factory trained and certified bringing the same knowledge of technology and development tools as their supplier counterparts.

Along with our team’s experience, you’ll appreciate the unbiased approach they take when recommending options for your design. They look at the overall system in the context of your goals and you team’s strengths when presenting the pros and cons of each technology option. Avnet’s FAEs are also well versed in industry standards, a wide range of protocols and regulatory requirements. They’ll tie everything together so you can make the most informed decision.

Electronic Components Engineering Support

Avnet FAEs have specific areas of specialization and collaborate with their peers to make sure you get a complete solution. During our design reviews you and your teams, you’ll appreciate the design tools, documentation and development equipment we offer across all technologies. We’ll show you how all of the functions you require can be integrated into a complete solution.

Avnet FAE Profile

  • Participates in annual factory training and certification programs
  • Averages 16 years of design experience
  • Holds an electrical engineering degree and, possibly, an advanced degree and even a patent
  • Supports your needs locally
  • Provides insight into technologies, end applications and vertical market segments

How can we help you?

  • Component and technology selections
  • Developing complex solutions with multiple technologies
  • Guide you from design to production
  • Perform demos of Avnet development boards and supplier product
  • Participate in training and events at local branches


Zynq 700 SoC and Zynq UltraScale MPSoC

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Product Guide

Zynq®-7000 SoC and Zynq® UltraScale+™ MPSoC Systems Guide

Reduce development times by more than four months with our solutions by focusing your efforts on adding differentiating features and unique capabilities. Find the right solution for your project in our guide.


Internet of Things

Avnet brings you every technology and service element you’ll need for success with IoT, so you can realize your vision and design a smart, connected solution with purpose.

renesas-raspberry-pi-hat GBD SHARED

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New Product

Avnet's Renesas ZMOD4410 Indoor Air Quality HAT for Raspberry Pi

Convenient Raspberry Pi HAT for the evaluation, development and quick-prototyping of indoor air quality monitoring solutions. Detects a wide range of total volatile organic compounds (TVOC), and eCO₂ levels for a wide range of applications.

Avnet Renesas ZMOD4410 Indoor Air Quality Raspberry Pi Hat

New Product

The MaaXBoard Mini computer — for embedded, smart edge & IoT apps

A low-cost, production-ready NXP i.MX 8M Mini processor-based SBC featuring Arm® Cortex® cores providing audio, voice and video processing for applications from consumer home audio to industrial building automation. FCC, CE and RoHS certified.

MaaxBoard Mini TNN5339

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New Product

96Boards Click Mezzanine & Starter Kit

96Boards Low-Speed (LS) Mezzanine board provides two MikroElektronika MikroBUS sites. The Starter Kit bundles the mezzanine with three Click boards.

96Boards Click Mezzanine