Scale your success with our manufacturing expertise

Manufacturing can be complex and costly. You need to source the right parts and materials, select a suitable factory and deliver designs to the assembly line in a timely manner. Then you have to navigate the compliance and security challenges required to scale globally, all while controlling expenses.

Having an experienced, connected guide can make all the difference. From startups to enterprises, our manufacturing experts can ensure your prototype is the product you deliver to your customers — at entrepreneurial speed. So no matter what size your business is, the process doesn’t hold you up.

A prototype is a major milestone — but you still have plenty of road ahead. Let us help you scale.



Prepare your resources now to avoid costly errors later. We can assist you in planning your move into manufacturing, checking the details to align your efforts effectively.

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Selection and Oversight
Selection and oversight

We’ll leverage our network to find the right factories to get you from working prototype to scalable product, all while walking you through the details of manufacturing.

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Turnkey Manufacturing
Turnkey manufacturing

Avnet does it all — acting as your one partner from specification to production. With a wide range of specialized experts as well as consistent processes to keep you informed along the way, we’ll help ensure you meet your goals.

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Internet of Things

Avnet brings you every technology and service element you’ll need for success with IoT, so you can realize your vision and design a smart, connected solution with purpose.


Dragon Innovation

Dragon Innovation helps companies that are launching complex products to strategize and execute their manufacturing from prototype through ongoing production.

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Case Study


Vital is focused on connected health. With our help, the company is creating an easier and more affordable way for patients to monitor and track their vital signs.


IoTConnect® Partner Program

Deploying an IoT solution is complex. Avnet simplifies it by offering one unique channel that enables our partners to address hardware and software needs, deliver unmatched global reach and maximize revenue potential.

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