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Most creators have a deep understanding of the specialty that led to their breakthrough idea. But because they’re so focused on their work, they don’t always have the visibility into or time to tackle critical considerations for skills outside of their core competencies. When information does exist about these topics, it’s usually scattered across multiple high-level sources, making it not only time consuming to find, but more often than not shallow in detail.

That doesn’t stop with creators. Enterprises that do have time for research and development often don’t have the in-house team to tackle all the complexity that arises from the product development process. Especially in burgeoning business areas like the Internet of Things (IoT), that could be getting a project out of proof of concept purgatory to thinking through maintenance post-global deployment.

That’s exactly why Avnet has invested in creating a unique ecosystem that starts with the world’s largest community of engineers to help you access the expertise you need, when and where you need it, through to global production and deployment

An ecosystem of support from end-to-end

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Your ideas. Our Ecosystem.

Bring us your theories, your visions, your bold new ideas. We can make them a reality. No matter where you are in your product journey, we've got the solutions and know-how you need to get to market... fast

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Avnet's ecosystem




Tap into the knowledge of nearly 2 million like-minded innovators with project-, discussion- or platform-based engineering communities to help you solidify your ideas and solve your biggest challenges.

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Design Services

With Avnet, our technical experts become an extension of your team. We'll help you in any aspect of your design including troubleshooting, compatibility, security and connectivity.

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Manufacturing Support

Avnet takes the anxiety out of manufacturing. We'll help source the right parts, find a suitable factory, submit your designs, and navigate the compliance and security challenges required to scale.

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Supply Chain

We've got supply chain solutions down to a science. Our customized supply chain services forecast and position materials on your behalf--ensuring you have visibility along your product's lifecycle.

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Avnet's expertise in customized distribution solutions, trade compliance and transportation will get your product where it needs to be--on time. We also offer cost-effective post-sales maintenance and end-of-life support to keep things running smoothly.

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Avnet simplifies the complex with a complete and secure IoT solution built to accelerate your time to market--and to profit. We can even design the devices and infrastructure needed to connect, collect and transfer data securely.

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Supercharge your IoT solution with AI that can harvest data for the most telling insights. From predictive maintenance to automation and beyond, Avnet's AI solutions give you an edge over your competition.

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For nearly a century, Avnet has provided innovators the best electronic components to power their unique designs. From capacitors to processors to sensors, we've got +5M parts globally with regional accessibility.

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Avoid the hassle of working with multiple vendors on things like SaaS platforms, AI solutions, embedded software, pre-configured hardware and development kits. We are the one partner you need to bring your vision to life.

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From the edge to the cloud, Avnet Integrated helps businesses scale quickly. Our technology services accelerate product development, reduce overhead and eliminate risk. We can build all of part of your product--from simple, modified off-the-shelf solutions to custom modules.

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