Responsibly handling your products at the end of their service life

At some point, your product will reach the end of its service life but that’s not the end of your opportunity. We’ll make sure you get the most value you can while also responsibly handling e-cycling and data destruction on your behalf. Working with Avnet means finding:

  • New markets for your used equipment.
  • Creating new revenue using the removal of older product as way to sell newer products.
  • Reducing risks associated with e-cycling and data destruction.

When Avnet looks at responsible asset disposition, we view it from two points. First off is financial and how we can eliminate negative impacts to your bottom line. Second is materials handling to ensure any disposal or destruction is done in accordance with the strictest regulatory standards.

Avnet is with you every step of the journey from the spark of innovation to the removal of existing product to make room for your next breakthrough innovation.

Asset recovery

Avnet will show you different options for strategically using financial programs to motivate your customers to purchase newer products from you. We help you target new markets by upgrading your older products through our certified refurbishment programs.

Our ISO 14001 Environmental Management Programs give you peace of mind. You’ll rest easier knowing the equipment you remove from service will not come back to hurt you legally or from a public relations standpoint.

Avnet is the partner you can rely on when it comes to protecting your bottom line and your reputation.

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Asset disposition

Data destruction

You see the rising use of data in your application, the increasing need for storage to house it all and how essential it is to keep is secure. This requirement doesn’t go away when your product is no longer in use. No matter how you store your data, Avnet has certified processes for ensuring it’s properly destroyed and never makes its way into the wrong hands. We’re able to provide this service at any one of our centers around the world or on-site at your customer.

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product disposal

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For years Avnet has set the standard around the world for helping designers integrate interconnect products in their product.

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Storage and Memory - Technologies - Right

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Storage and Memory

Avnet takes the guess work out of designing in the right memory and storage solution. In the rapidly changing world of memory and storage, we make sure the impact is invisible to you.

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Embedded Computing

Working with Avnet lets you focus on what you do best, innovate. Our complementary resources give you the power to leverage what we do best so your applications win in the market.

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Servers and Appliances

With Avnet, there’s a fast and convenient way we can get where you want to be. We offer a number of options for fully integrated hardware platforms and a suite of services.

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