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Data Destruction

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Data security all the way through end-of-life

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Data is at the heart of your application and its security is top of mind for your customers. As part of your overall asset disposition strategy it’s important to account for the data as well. You never want to find yourself in the middle of a situation where your customer’s data has been compromised due to the way you’ve managed its destruction. With Avnet as your partner, all aspects of data destruction are covered including providing formal documentation once the process is complete.

Avnet’s Data Destruction Service covers magnetic, optical or solid state drives onsite at your data center or at any of Avnet's data destruction facilities across the globe. Certified data erasure is available for all data center environments. Avnet will work on-site or off-site to overwrite data across entire hard drives with a customized service to satisfy the compliance regulations specific to your company, industry, and country. Avnet provides complete coverage using the disk destruction method that fits your specific needs, either degaussing (magnetic removal) or shredding. Our thorough and careful processes ensure your data is not put at risk.

Upon completion of the disk erasure or destruction, Avnet will provide a certificate detailing the work undertaken, which can be used to prove your organization has met compliance obligations.

Avnet adheres to all global, federal, state and local laws and regulations, so rest assured your brand name is protected and old equipment won't become a future liability.

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Data Center

Avnet helps software companies with design, development and ongoing support of enterprise-grade hardware in the provisioning of full-stack technology solutions.

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Embedded computing

Working with Avnet lets you focus on what you do best, innovate. Our complementary resources allow you to leverage what we do best so your applications win in the market.

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Routes to market

When you travel the road with Avnet, the route to market will be both profitable and generate a high degree of satisfaction for your customer.

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Memory and storage

If you want a partner recognized for having memory and storage expertise and the right inventory mix, you don’t have to look any further than Avnet.

Memory and Storage