Call center support is the voice of your service offering

Your innovation is amazing and it’s been well received in the market but if your customer’s experience when they call for support is bad your brand and reputation are in jeopardy. When you partner with Avnet, your customer’s call center experience will be just as amazing as your product or solution.

Avnet’s versatile call centers are professionally staffed with representatives who are courteous, service oriented and have a sense of ownership for every call. We’ll work with you to make we train our team correctly on your solution so they’re empowered to serve the calls they receive. Our agents are able to manage calls for your warranty and for technical support. Our process includes escalation paths so your customer has the right level of expertise working on their issue.

You want to get the most out of your valuable technical staff and put them on the highest value projects for your company. Letting Avnet shoulder the support load for you means your team is focused on the next wave of innovation while ours ensures your current products are being supported to your standard of excellence.

We’ll collaborate with you to create clear definitions for Level I and Level II technical support and when it should be sent to you as Level III. We’ll have clear service level agreements for each level and provide systemic reporting on the volume and nature of the activity. We’ll train our staff to meet these expectations and demonstrate their proficiency to you before they start answering calls.

When we take responsibility for providing technical support on your behalf, we leave nothing to chance. This is especially important when it comes to hand offs and information sharing. Whenever the escalation path calls for us to engage your team, which should be rare, we’ll make the process efficient to enable your team to get right into the solution.

Call center services
Call center services and benefits
  • Reduce costs through single sourcing
  • Utilize high-quality customer service and dispatch resources
  • Leverage hardware- and software-agnostic triage and Level I and II technical support
  • OEM-certified support programs
  • Technical training
  • Numerous options for large scale project management and deployments
  • Custom solutions
  • Set service-level agreement expectations and meet stated commitments to end customers
  • Program management
    • On-site dispatch
    • Parts logistics
    • Repair depot support
    • Reporting and web tools
    • Field technician compliance

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