Expert repair to get equipment back in use

From time to time, product in the field will need repair or refurbishment. Rather than tying up capital and internal resources to handle this, let Avnet take the process off your hands. Our technicians are certified and trained on the leading technology platforms on the market today. Many of Avnet’s suppliers use Avnet as their repair partner based on our quality and service.

Avnet expertly and cost-effectively refurbishes, repairs, tests and configures your products, systems and parts for return to the original customer or resale. We provide this service for you on any size scale. This is especially effective when Avnet has integrated your solution and has intimate knowledge of the details of your product.

We're able to provide these services by leveraging Avnet's strengths

  • Global supply chain management
  • Logistics
  • Integration
  • Technical expertise and support

When you partner with us you’ll maintain the highest level of quality control, consistency and customer satisfaction. As part of the solution we create for you, we’re able to localize the supply chain with regional repair centers. This allows your customers to process manufacturer warranty claims on a local basis, with parts available when needed.

Solutions / Offerings

  • Certified technicians conducting repairs
  • Pass-through warranties
  • Serial number-specific repair 
  • Warranty and NTF screening

Basic services

  • 1 year to return to depot on OEM product
  • Maintain to ECN / ECO specifications
  • Alternate manufacturing site cleanup
  • Cosmetic refresh by replacing missing or damaged components and scratched covers
  • Removing any software and re-installing to the latest revision level
  • Replace packaging, missing cords, manuals and repacking in new boxes for shipment

Custom / Premium orders

  • 365-day factory repair offering

Advanced services

  • ​OEM spares program
  • Retrofit / refurbishment program
  • Warranty / non-warranty repair
  • Recovery CD / DVD capabilities
Depot repair

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