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Assessment & Planning

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Solid planning leads to an efficient supply-chain

The greatest breakthroughs in innovation require an effective supply-chain strategy and solution implementation to realize their full potential. At Avnet, we take pride in seeing you achieve goals beyond what you thought possible. Our supply-chain solutions are often the foundation on which this success is built.


What makes Avnet unique when it comes to supply-chain solutions, not to mention what our customers appreciate the most, is our assessment and planning methods. Any solution we create is specific to your requirements and optimized for your strategy. We follow the Supply-Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) methodology to create your tailored solution from our validated, proven services.

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Logistical analysis

When you partner with Avnet, whether you’re part of a large global OEM or starting out with your first product and ready to change the world, we always start by diagnosing the situation. We take the time to clearly understand your vision, your financial objective, any bottlenecks you’re experiencing. We’ll collaborate with you to uncover all of this and more as we go through your existing end-to-end supply and build processes.

From there it’s time to work through the numbers and the financial modeling. Avnet’s Rapid Benefits Estimation Tool (RaBET™) is a supply-chain analytics application. We’ve developed it from our deep experience and knowledge gained from working with hundreds of supply-chain engagements around the world. Our tool will show you graphically where you’re currently at in financial and efficiency terms and where we can show improvement by implementing a tailored solution.

Supply-chain planning

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Once we’ve identified your specific goals based on the analysis, it’s time to put together your solution. We’ll create your solution by drawing from an established set of inventory management and warehousing services and adapting them to your environment and specific requirements. We take the time to go through each element of the plan so it’s clear to you how we will achieve your objectives. Upon agreement on the solution, we’ll document every detail, include dates and times and owners, in our Safe Passage® project management system.

Safe Passage is the plan of record, visible to all of the stakeholders, to ensure milestones are met and everyone is on the same page when it comes to executing the plan.

Risk mitigation and assurance of supply

A critical element to your overall supply-chain plan is the proper flow of materials through the process. We’ll analyze your bill of materials (BOM), approved vendor list (AVL) and approved parts list (APL) and help you get maximum efficiency at a low total cost of ownership. We’ll find any parts or vendors that could elevate risk and work with you to implement tactics to mitigate, if not alleviate, the risk altogether. 

We’ll also identify parts that are essential to your build process and craft services to provide you with an assurance of supply. Our philosophy is to treat your capital the same way we would treat our own. We want to see you get the highest returns by eliminating waste and any potential pitfalls you may encounter.

Markets Overview

Avnet is at the forefront of identifying and leading customers looking to capitalize on emerging markets. We see over the horizon to be prepared for future markets.

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