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Field Replacements

Field replacement units keep your customer running

Downtime for your customers is never good, especially if your product has created the stoppage. To minimize the impact of equipment in the field that is not operating, Avnet has created a field replacement solution to get your customer back up and running quickly.


Our solution is made up of flexible options around finished goods for advanced replacement, priority shipping and support coverage. In addition to delivering excellent customer service under difficult circumstances, you also can create new, profitable revenue streams by selling these capabilities as a premium service.

Partnering with Avnet on this solution give you access to our FRUtoo web based application. With this tool you’ll be able to notify us immediately to start the replacement process right away. We’ll execute the solution to ensure all service level agreements are met and you’ll be able to see the current status in FRUtoo.  You can also contact our technical support line to work with a live technician on the situation.

Field Replacement - Mixed Media

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Replacement Options

  • Finished goods
  • Staged partial production
  • Sequestered components for replacement build

Repair Options

  • Depot
  • Advanced replacement
  • On-site technical support

Shipping Options

  • Premium
  • Same day
Field replacement units


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