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Having Avnet maintain inventory on your behalf within a short distance of your production facility saves you time and money while reducing cycle times and inventory shortages during production runs. We’ll use Avnet’s facilities as a proximity warehouse or out-plant store. Letting Avnet take responsibility for materials management, shipping, receiving, stocking and getting parts to the line frees up time for the rest of your operation to do higher value tasks.

To start, Avnet will allocate space, inventory and personnel to support you within our facility. The Avnet team will take responsibility for monitoring inventory levels and pipelines so we’re prepared for your requirements. When we get the signal that inventory is needed, materials are prepped and shipped to keep your lines filled.

Our team will place orders on our central stocking locations when replenishment as needed. To meet your just-in-time (JIT) needs, we’ll often use couriers to get parts to you the same you need them. You’ll have complete visibility into all activities and performance data around your supply-chain with our robust reporting tools.

When collaborate with Avnet to have inventory available at an out-plant store, you’ll get a highly efficient, cost effective, just-in-time (JIT) solution for keeping your product lines flowing.

  • Local Inventory at Avnet facility
  • Inventory cost exposure initiated at point of use transfer, Avnet owns inventory until release.
  • Local quoting and procurement support
  • Inventory based on MRP or forecast
  • Inventory rotation as appropriate for product type
  • Supply base consolidation
Out-plant stores


Avnet is at the forefront of identifying and leading customers looking to capitalize on emerging markets. We see over the horizon to be prepared for future markets.

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