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Routes to Market

Multiple roads that all lead to success

Once you’re ready to deliver your product to the market, Avnet has flexible supply-chain services for reaching your customer designed to meet your strategic and financial goals. These routes to market speed your time to cash while providing the level of service that’ll delight your customer.

Avnet has developed a deep understanding of the unique requirements our customers have for reaching the market in a way that fits their business model. We’ve used our experience delivering highly effective and efficient delivery engagements to create the following route to market options.

Traditional OEM

When your solution is built on a dedicated hardware platform running your Intellectual Property (IP) and you want to present it as a single product, the traditional OEM route is best for you. Avnet will support your design efforts, solve the supply-chain and offer complimentary services to provide a complete solution to your customer or channel.

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Public/Private cloud

If your solution is an application designed to run on the public cloud or your own private cloud, Avnet supports you with cloud services to manage and run your application. We’ll set you up with a portal to access the cloud infrastructure and the hosted services that enable your application. We make it easy for you with consolidated billings, saving you a significant amount of administrative work.

supply-chain services

Virtual OEM

In the case where you want to focus strictly on your application that’s certified on specific hardware that you don’t have to manage, Avnet Embedded’s virtual OEM program is exactly what you’re looking for. In the virtual OEM route, there are two different ways to engage:

  • You work directly with your end customer to sell and license your software application and direct the customer to Avnet for the hardware. We’ll handle the transaction and supply functions. You still make all the decisions around the design configuration, type of platform, etc. and we do the heavy lifting.
  • Avnet will bundle your application with the hardware by installing the image and sending the complete system to your customer or channel partner. Avnet will manage the entire process for you.


Avnet’s routes to market speed your time to revenue and give you complete control over the things that matter most to you. Our job is to pave the road and ensure everything runs smoothly every step of the way. 


Virtual OEM routes to market


Avnet is at the forefront of identifying and leading customers looking to capitalize on emerging markets. We see over the horizon to be prepared for future markets.

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Servers and Appliances-RR-Shared

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Servers and Appliances

With Avnet, there’s a fast and convenient way we can get where you want to be. We offer a number of options for fully integrated hardware platforms and a suite of services.

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