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An agile, resilient and scalable supply chain is an increasingly critical differentiator in the journey from today’s ideas to tomorrow’s technology. Avnet Velocity® was launched in 2010 to complement and extend Avnet’s conventional Mode 1 supply chain capabilities in support of customers’ growing need for supply chain strategies that balance reliability and responsiveness, efficiency and ingenuity.

With its state-of-the-art, Mode 2 Supply Chain as a Service (SCaaS) portfolio, Velocity specializes in creating and implementing non-traditional, digitally enabled supply chain solutions that deliver sustained value to customers and suppliers up and down the supply chain.

Delivering Differentiation

Enterprises, from startups to the world's most influential global brands, rely on the expertise, creativity and resourcefulness of Avnet Velocity’s dedicated supply chain architects, business development leaders and program managers to help solve their most complicated supply chain challenges.

Fueled by a culture of innovation and a consultative, problem statement-driven methodology, the Velocity team crafts and implements solutions that fulfill the distinct, end-to-end business requirements and financial goals of each customer program.

Seamless Global Execution

Velocity leverages the power of Avnet’s $20B global corporate infrastructure and the best-in-class capabilities of Avnet’s end-to-end technology ecosystem.

Skillfully integrating advanced digital technologies and complex physical supply networks, Velocity’s custom solutions help customers penetrate new markets, mitigate disruption risk, capitalize on emerging technology trends and deliver exceptional customer experience.

Velocity’s Mode 2 solutions include:

  • Digital-Physical Supply Chain Integration
  • Supply Chain-as-a-Service
  • Financial/Trade Management
  • Physical Supply Chain

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Leading by Example

To enhance Avnet Velocity’s innovation-focused Mode 2 approach, Avnet executes a systematic thought leadership program that evangelizes the power of leading-edge supply chain strategies and processes to drive corporate value creation, profitable financial growth and differentiated customer experience.

This multi-faceted program puts a spotlight on practices and technologies that allow supply chain organizations to advance beyond traditional boundaries. Velocity’s original content and dedicated industry engagement enable our subject matter experts to share the wealth of knowledge and experience the team has amassed through our collaboration with many of the electronics industry’s most successful and pioneering organizations.

Avnet Velocity is also committed to establishing and nurturing relationships with respected practitioners, renowned supply chain academics, analysts and other supply chain thought leaders. These diverse connections ensure we are continuously building our internal body of knowledge around supply chain and operations best practices, emerging technologies and the socio-economic trends impacting market dynamics.

Strategic elements of Avnet Velocity’s thought leadership program include:

  • Publication of the award-winning Supply Chain Navigator digital journal
  • Hosting an annual “Learning from the Leaders” Supply Chain Executive Summit
  • Participation in leading industry conferences
  • Regular editorial contributions to industry trade magazines
  • Support for academic research and collaboration initiatives like the Global Supply Chain Benchmark Consortium and the ASU Innovation Open

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Avnet is the only technology distribution company to make Gartner’s Top 10 High-Tech Supply Chain ranking.

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